Locals Who Know Luxury

Joanna Danzinger

It’s official:

We do not believe in “edited essentials “.

Our luxury services are as comprehensive as they come, hyper customizable and tailored to fit.

Founder and managing director, Joanna Danzinger’s affinity for the extraordinary and undaunted wanderlust has seen her through over 40 countries in good company. As executive assistant, estate manager and chief stewardess, Joanna has been entrusted with the management of super yachts and luxury properties for clients from Calgary to Hong Kong, delivering service fit for royalty. Literally. Her mastery of those peripheral details central to anyone accustomed to a well-appointed life – or just a well-appointed soirée in Cannes – is unrivaled.





Stargazer is a team of brilliant helpers working behind the scenes to make our home and personal lives frictionless. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Andrew Wilkinson
Founder, Tiny Capital

When I ask Stargazer to do something, I know it will be done and I won’t have to think about it again. That is a great feeling.

Scott Lake
Founder, Shopify

Stargazer’s passion and desire to be thorough and efficient is incredible.

Owner Slegg Building Materials
Take your time, let us take care of the rest.